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At Scubababa, Diving is an Experience!!! We provide the simplest, instantaneous and the easiest to use booking platform for your underwater trips.

Looking for a place to dive or looking for a perfect time to go scuba diving won't be a problem. It doesn't matter where you learned to scuba or who your instructor is, which institute you are from and whether or not your friends are free or not free, just log in your Scubababa account and search for your perfect trip.

It all started up with a passion for diving, no real business objectives but a seamless diving experience is our goal starting from a trip booking to 5m safety stop, we have someone looking after you. Partnering up with the right people with the same passion and careful selection is what keeps us moving forward. No compromise on safety, standard and of course, the fun of scuba diving.

Why Choose Us

We are here to ensure that your trip is safe fun and worry-free. We have BB Marine Yacht Charter and Scuba Diving as our Bangkok and Eastern Thailand Center of excellence for classes and dive equipment retail. Krabi Scuba Club is our Dive Resort Center down Southern Thailand where the real exploration of Andaman Sea starts together with PADI classes to get everything going with fun and style. With our leading dive shops partners who has over 10 years of experience looking after you for the whole trip, we can do just that!!! Our key success factors are:

  • Quality trips
  • Seamless experience
  • Repeated divers

These are our power triangle. Our Accommodation are accepted worldwide and also well-chosen with Scubababa standard, "we have been there before". Dining is also taken care of with delicious taste of local cuisine. Our trip would be an unforgettable experience and you should be returning back to our booking system for your next trip. Below are the sdummary of Why Choose us.


List With Us

If you are a dive shop out there, come list with us, it doesn't cost anything. Your trips can be filled quickly with our help. Scubababa, we focus on divers experience and clients success. Try it out, contact us if you have more questions.

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